Adina Stefania Burda

Adina Ștefania Burda – Certified tour guide

I believe that travelling is one of the best things in life. Travelling opens the mind and expands one’s knowledge.

A few words about me

I studied Marketing, but I soon realized that tourism was closer to my heart, so that is why since 2013 I decided to become a full time tour guide.
In this way, I managed to combine two of my biggest passions: travelling and foreign languages. To me, being a guide means getting the chance to be an ambassador for my city -Bucharest- and my home country, Romania, while also meeting new people and sharing experiences and ideas from different cultures.
If you are visiting Bucharest, I’d love to meet you and share the many fascinating stories about my city with you!
Marketing Faculty, Bucharest
European Studies, Humboldt University Berlin

Featured tours
Monarchy vs Communism Free Walking Tour – Monarchy vs. Communism; Free Walking Tour

Contact information:

Spoken languages

I am conversationaly fluent in the following languages :



I am accredited as:

  • National Tour Guide
  • English & German Translator

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