How do I get around?

From Bucharest it is possible to get to most places in the country by bus or multitaxi – the tricky part is working out where the bus goes from. Check out (in English) and (in Romanian). Check out this site for trains and buses. TT-ers generally report that buses are faster, cheaper and more reliable than the trains but the trains are a bit more comfortable. The train network is extensive and covers most of the country. Hitchhiking is very common.

There are three types of train. The Intercity is listed in blue and green as ‘IC’ on timetables. It is the most expensive and most comfortable route – but not always faster than IR trains. The InterRegional trains are listed as red or ‘IR’ on timetables and it is cheaper but not as modern as the IC. Regional trains are listed in black as ‘R’ on timetables and they are usually the oldest and slowest trains.

To explore the countryside your best bet is hiring a car and you could try to find one. Blood alcohol limit is zero, seatbelts are compulsory, and headlights must be on day or night. But in cities it’s best to use public transport. In Bucharest, for example, if you have hired a car, it is best to park at an outlying metro station and use public transport.

Most cities have buses, trams, trolleybuses, and in some cases maxi-trolleys. You can buy bus or tram tickets at newsagents or street kiosks and validate on board. For maxitaxis you usually buy a ticket from the driver. Taxi drivers are supposed to post their rates on their doors and windscreens. The Lonely Planet guide advises that the going rate is between 1.39 to 1.89 lei per kilometer. It’s usually okay to use a taxi parked at a taxi rank (except for outside Bucharest’s airport or main station) or to hail one from the street.

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