About Money

Romania’s currency is the LEU.

Euros are often accepted other Foreign currencies are usually not accepted; some hotels and tourist shops do take major international currencies (Euros, GBP CHF DKK SEK NOK USD etc.), but the exchange rates they offer are frequently lower than the normal rates.

  •  1 euro (EUR) is about 4.5 lei (Romanian currency) to 5 lei. Other way put – 1 leu is about 0.22 euro to 0.30 euro.

The safest way to get your lei is to have your money exchanged at a bank. In almost all the cities and towns of Romania you can find at least a bank. Never change your money in an unofficial way, like on the street with help from strangers regardless of what they tell you.


Besides banks, you can also have your money changed at exchange offices. Many are genuine and commission free. However, if you want to out any doubt that you could enter a scheme of some sort, choose a trusted bank.


ATMs are widespread, unless you have particularly high transaction fees, ATMs are usually the best and easiest way to deal with currency exchange; Romanian banks don’t generally charge fees to use their ATMs but check with your own bank before you travel to know if/how much they charge for international cash withdrawals.

Credit Cards
Visa, is the most widely accepted credit card in Bucharest, followed by MasterCard , and Maestro.
Note that in the past year, in Bucharest, many of the card users have opted for a contact-less card, (many places have adapted with an contact-less POS) , so if you want to purchase something you can just swipe your card and pay the price (for a contact-less transaction you can only pay 100 lei)


Restaurants Tip 10% of the bill to reward good service.

Taxis Drivers won’t expect a tip, but it’s fine to round the fare up to reward special service.

Hotels Tip cleaning staff 3 to 5 lei per night or 20 lei per week to reward good service. In luxury hotels, tip doormen and concierges 5 to 10 lei for special assistance as warranted.

Personal services Tip hairdressers and other services around 10%.

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