Taxes & Refunds

VAT / Value Added Tax (or in Romanian: T V A – Taxa pe Valoare Adăugată )

A sales tax (TVA) of 19% is added to most retail sales .
The TVA is usually included in the prices posted in stores, hotels and restaurants.

VAT Refund – VAT refund offices (Birou de Restituire TVA) can be found at a limited number of border crossing points and shops.

To claim you Sales Tax Refund please make sure that:

  1. Your purchases were made at a store which can issue a legal invoice/ receipt (factura fiscala) as well as a tax refund form (formular de restituire TVA),
  2. The total value of your purchases is higher than 250 Lei (approx. $80 US),
  3. Your purchases were made 90 days or less before your date of departure from Romania,
  4. You have the original receipts and store identified VAT Refund forms validated by the Customs Office (Birou Vamal).

All refunds will be made in Romanian currency “Lei”

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