Cotroceni National Museum

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Cotroceni Palace (Romanian: Palatul Cotroceni) is the official residence of the President of Romania. It is located at Bulevardul Geniului, nr. 1, in Bucharest, Romania. The palace also houses the National Cotroceni Museum.

The Cotroceni National Museum is the old Royal Palace, built in 1895. Since 1991, a part of the Cotroceni Palace has been the place of office for the Romanian President.

The Hall of Honour

Largely kept intact since the 1890s, the Hall of Honour, built in the French style of Napoleon III, boasts an original Italian marble staircase. The decorations are inspired by the French Opera Garnier.

The German Living Room

Decorated in the German Neorenaissance style, the German Living room was a place of daily reunion for the royal family. King Carol I was a most enthusiastic advocate of this style and no doubt wished to impose it in the rooms of Cotroceni.

The Hunting Room

Built in 1926 under the guidance of the Czech architect Karel Limann, the Hunting Room presents us with some of King Ferdinand’s personal trophies.

The Flowers’ Room

The Flowers’ Room was named the Golden Room in the times of Queen Marie. The rich stucco flower decoration was, at the time, gilded.

The Library

Also known as King Ferdinand’s private study room, the library still sports the original elm wood panelling and, even today, houses part of King Ferdinand’s collection of books.

The Great Hall of Receptions

Built by the architect Grigore Cerchez in the Neo-Romanian style, the Great Hall of Receptions today also functions as a place for specific activities hosted by the museum, such as concerts, book launches or art exhibitions.

The Royal Dining Room

The Royal Dining Room is situated in a wing also designed by Grigore Cerchez in the Neo-Romanian style, and features a Neo-Byzantine round table, an original design by Queen Marie.

The Apartments

The second floor houses the private apartments of the members of the royal family, such as King Ferdinand’s apartment, Queen Marie’s apartment or the German apartment.

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