Ciucas Waterfall

Ciucas Waterfall

The Ciucas Waterfall is almost synonymous with the Ciucas Needle, both of them having the same geographical location and being close together.

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From: Waterfalls, Cluj County, Transylvania

The Ciucas Waterfall is almost synonymous with the Ciucas Needle, both of them having the same geographical location and being close together. Both are of great national and local geographical importance, since this waterfall is one of the most important tourist attractions in Cluj county.

Located approximately 55 kilometers from the city of Cluj Napoca, the Ciucas Waterfall is extremely easy to visit if you choose the road through Turda, then follow the route through Mihai Viteazu and Cornesti, your destination being south-west of Turda. From there, you reach the Moldovenesti bridge, which crosses the Aries river. From then on, the road keeps right, descending alongside a river. After 1 km, you reach a rather unsafe-looking gravel road. If you are brave enough to drive through it, you arrive at a pine forest which marks your arrival at Ciucas Waterfall.

Once here, you can be certain you are now in the Hasdane Gorge, characterized by a multitude of eroded slopes, rapids and swift waterfalls. The Ciucas Waterfall is only 5m high, and at its base there is a small lake which gathers the water rolling down the waterfall. Those who have visited the waterfall previously claim that it is much easier to follow a different road, one that does not cross the river.

The river coming from the Turda Gorges is known for its overwhelming beauty, as it winds through the rocks and digs out a trench in stone, as a result of the compression. This effect is similar to the water in a jacuzzi, added the wonderful landscape. Visiting the area is a must, because you are left with unforgettable memories. It also represents a heaven for photography enthusiasts, who can take spectacular pictures here. This is possible due to the very high flow speed of the water, with respect to its height of only 1m, which allows for just the right exposure time to create pictures of unimaginable beauty.

Even though the Ciucas Waterfall is not the most famous waterfall in our country, such as the Urlatoarea Waterfall in the Bucegi Mountains, it can be strongly claimed that it is just as spectacular, the only difference between this and other important waterfalls in Romania being its level of promotion. It is well-known that promotion is extremely important, and that no one can know the true beauty of a place without having been told about it or without visiting it personally.


Although little known, there is accommodation available near the Ciucas Waterfall, inside the Apuseni Gateway cabin, located only 10 minutes from the waterfall. Therefore, if you wish to visit the area, you can enjoy comfort and exceptional accommodations as well as a good position, close to the tourist target. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the Turda Salt Baths are in close proximity, located in a depression surrounded by forests, at an altitude of 360m.

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