NGO Sponsorship and Donations

Why sponsor us? Because we offer a public service in lieu of the local and central authorities of Bucharest (Ministry/Department of Tourism) so that tourists and visitors of Bucharest and Romania get relevant tourist information, improving the image of the country – the only one in Europe without a functional tourism office.

Who are we? The Open Knowledge Association is a legally constituted non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Tourism, Volunteering and Entrepreneurship.
The Tourist Information Center is managed with the help of Volunteers – Authorized Tour Guides – speakers of several foreign languages who dedicate part of the week to help those who are ”lost” in Bucharest and Romania.

How can I sponsor or donate? By bank transfer into the RO71BACX0000001142809001 association account opened at Unicredit Bank SA, Herastrau branch, cash with the issuance of a receipt or anonymously in the donation box.
To draw up the sponsorship contract we need your company/organization data.

How much can I sponsor? The amounts offered for sponsorship depend on your will. If you want to use the sponsorship settlement tax facility, you can make a calculation on the income / profit tax and you can sponsor 20% of the income/profit tax or 0.75% of the turnover – whichever amount is less.
However, if you sponsor with a larger amount, you will get a tax credit that can be used within 7 years.

What do we do with the amounts obtained? All amounts received are used to pay for rent, utilities (electricity, water, internet, phone, security), materials, supplies, marketing materials, taxes, postal and courier services, fees, courses, vocational training, duties of a member of associations such as the Association for Professionals in Information Centers, and participating in various thematic events, in tourism, entrepreneurship and the associative sphere. We also use the funds received for the modernization, maintenance, management of the sites and domains owned and managed by the association, such as –,