Omu Peak

Omu Peak

The highest peak in the Bucegi Mountains, the Omu Peak is the eleventh highest mountain peak on the list of the highest peaks in Romania.

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From: Prahova County, Muntenia, Mountains

The highest peak in the Bucegi Mountains, the Omu Peak is the eleventh highest mountain peak on the list of the highest peaks in Romania. There are several controversies surrounding its height. Some say it is 2505 m high, others 2507 or 2014, depending on the place where the measurements begin and end: from the base of the mountain to the base of the boulder on its peak, or the maximum height from the base of the mountain to the top of the boulder on its peak.


Omu Peak is part of the Bucegi Massif, at the eastern end of the Southern Carpathians, between the Prahova Valley, the Bran Pass and the Ialomita Valley. The massif is shaped like a natural fortress, which seems suspended at a height of approximately 1600-2000 m, on steep slopes that appear to be columns supporting this fortress.

In the Omu Peak area you can find the main branches of the Bucegi massif, the branches of the Bucegi “horseshoe”. This is also the place where the shortest and steepest peaks split from. The river Ialomita springs from high under the Omu Peak. The average annual temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius, due to the alpine climate present here. The flora in the area is specific to coniferous and deciduous forests, but also to alpine meadows at great altitudes. The fauna is represented by the western capercaillie, the golden eagle and the chamois, but also by more common animals such as brown bears, boar, deer and squirrels. The cold waters that burst through the hard rock are filled with trout, chub and lamprey.


The tourist route to Omu Peak can start in Busteni, following the blue triangle markings towards Gura Diham and even higher than Diham cabin. Here, at the cabin, you can rest and have a delicious meal. After a proper meal you can head to Malaiesti Cabin on the Tache Ionescu route, which offers an impressive view. As soon as you reach Malaiesti Cabin, you can ask the mountain rescue team, stationed there 24/7, everything you want to know about the mountain stretching ahead of you.

You set off from Malaiesti Cabin to Omu Peak on a summer path or through Hornul Mare. You walk for 3-4 hours and reach Omu Peak, where you can rest and eat. Afterwards you can descend and visit the Babele (Old Women, TN) rock formation, and swing by the Caraiman Cross, then by Padina. From Padina you descend for about half a day and you reach Sinaia.

The route to follow is not a particularly easy one, it is considered increased difficulty, so you will need proper equipment. Mountain boots to protect your ankles, walking sticks, adequate clothing to protect against the rain, if need be, pain or allergy pills, bandages and water are the main things that shouldn’t be missing from your pack, each item individually wrapped in plastic bags.


If you set out from Busteni to Omu Peak and then to Sinaia, accommodation should not be a problem, because there are plenty of cabins ready to receive guests at any time: Diham Cabin, Malaiesti Cabin, Babele Cabin, Padina Cabin …

The tourist attractions ready for visitors are: Tache Ionescu, Caraiman Cross, Babele, The Sphynx, Ialomicioara Cave, Bolboci Lake, Tatar Gorge…



By far the most sought-after cabin on Omu Peak is the Omu Cabin. Between May 2009 and June 2010, the cabin was closed down, and it is still unknown whether or not it is open to the public. Before going up, if you plan on sleeping there, you should get some information at the following phone numbers: 0744 221 582, Mrs. Irina Popa, or 0744 567 290 Mr. Gheorghe Popa.

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