Curtea de Arges, The Former Capital of Muntenia

The city of Curtea de Arges is located in close proximity to the river Arges, in the vicinity of the sub-Carpathian hills, which surround it. From a historical standpoint, the city is one of the most important places in Muntenia; its rebirth took place in 1990 and the tourists returned here for the two representative churches and for the medieval courtyard, famous landmarks here. […]

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Comana Natural Park

The Comana Reserve brings together the Butcher’s Broom (ruscus aculeatus) Natural Reserve, the Peony (peonia peregrina) Scientific Reserve and the Comana Pond into a single natural park. Relatively close to Bucharest, this is an oasis of relaxation and a way to escape the day to day rush. […]

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