Pelisor Castle

Pelisor Castle

Pelisor Castle located in Sinaia, was opened to the public in February 1993.

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Pelisor Castle located in Sinaia, was opened to the public in February 1993. The museum, with an invaluable value, constitutes an important component of the cultural endowment of the Romanian people. This edifice is an integral part of the vast architectural ensemble created by King Carol I on the Peles valley, in a period that practically overlaps his entire life lived in Romania. Parallel with Peles Castle, the House of the Knights, the House of the Guard Corps, the House of the Architects, the Garden House were built near, and later, between 1899 – 1902, Pelisor Castle, as a gift offered by King Carol I to the heirs.

The chief architect of Pelisor castle, Karel Liman, added “Fachwerk” elements, but also Romanian elements, which give the building a cheerful note: the two towers covered with colored sandstone tiles, like the church turrets from Bucovina.

Regarding the interior architecture, Liman used, without a doubt at the request of Princess Maria, next to elements of “1900 Art”, Romanian elements. Because, by the gradual understanding of the nature of the Romanian people, Maria understood the necessity of including the “national” function in the royal residence.

Pelisor Castle reveals, through its interior decoration, the romantic, mysterious, daring personality, promoter of a new and unusual art of Queen Mary.

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Address: Sinaia


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